Propaganda 101

On Sunday the 5th of May 2013 a lady called Carla Del Ponte (former Chief Prosecutor of two United Nations international criminal law tribunals) appeared on Swiss-Italian TV and stated that it was her belief (after reading a well researched report) that the Western backed rebels in Syria had used chemical weapons.

Even the BBC ran an article on this bombshell of a story.

I was waiting for the Guardian to post a story about this revelation. They post stories based on accusations made by rebels against Assad almost immediately – without any proof. Accusations from an overtly biased source. Accusations based on unverified video footage. But here we have an accusation made by the United Nations itself and the Guardian waits until late Monday evening to mention the claims made by Carla Del Ponte.

And In doing so they led the story with US dismissal and they led the story using an alternative source at the United Nations who uses less accusatory language. 

This is propaganda 101 and it doesn’t go unnoticed by many of its readers. I’ll leave you with some comments from below the line.

Guardian, this is shocking reporting. The BBC (and a host of other normally one sided media organisations) have been headlining Carla’s findings all day.
As for you? Diddlysquat, no mention at all. As soon as your buddies (the US) cast doubt, you’re in there like a rat up a drain pipe. Honestly Guardian, shocking beyond all proportion. I really do wonder what your pay master’s role is in all this mess. Hang your head in shame. Shame on you indeed.

So far, we’ve had plain old biased reporting, because the opinion at the Guardian seems to be firmly on the rebel side. That makes for shoddy journalism, but it’s still within bounds of journalism.
But this episode today went far beyond that. This is not journalism, it’s opinion engineering, i.e. propaganda.
Shame on you indeed.

So the USA dismisses the possibility that Syrian insurgents use chemical weapons, without evidence, yet the USA is minded to believe Assad’s forces have used chemical weapons, without evidence.
Nice to see the USA maintains its spotless record as an honest broker.
And nice to see the Guardian reporting this story… once it could be spun to make del Ponte’s comments seem questionable


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