Rime Allaf

This is the first time I’ve ever focused on one particular writer but after reading her four articles on the Guardian’s website it’s probably best that her work is at least documented. I’m not going to accuse her of anything – you can make up your own mind.

According to the Guardian;

Rime Allaf is a Syrian writer and researcher. She is on Twitter as @rallaf

Here are some choice quotes from her articles;

It is such incredible foresight that gives Qatar an edge other countries miss. Equally at ease with Islamist and secular parties, with liberals and conservatives, Qatar is reaping what it sowed and patiently nurtured years ago, giving it enough political capital on top of its formidable wealth to influence the region. To reword the obligatory cliché about its position, Qatar isn’t punching above its weight but has become a heavyweight.

Even under its lead, however, the Arab League has shown tremendous reluctance in its decisions on Syria, letting repeated deadlines pass without acting on agreed sanctions. It is not foreign intervention that Qatar seeks, but on the contrary a regional solution that would stop the Syrian regime in its destructive tracks, for the Syrian people’s sake, but also for that of the entire region.

Taken from “Qatar’s influence increases in the Middle East” – Thursday 15 December 2011

For all Obama’s platitudes about the world’s responsibilities, it is the US foremost that has the power, interest and obligation to help bring justice and peace to Syria and end the conflict. Real friends of Syria would break Assad’s siege, neutralise his air power, and convince Syrian people and revolutionaries alike that there is hope in Geneva, that a transition is imminent, that the nightmare is ending. Anything less than that merely pushes Syrians into further despair, and the region into even greater instability.

Taken from “Give Syria peace, not a process” – Sunday 27 October 2013

First, by agreeing to the process, the Assad regime has recognised that there is a formal, organised opposition, and that the uprising is not the global conspiracy or the terrorist invasion it has always claimed.

Second, by discussing issues such as prisoner exchanges, the regime has recognised that this opposition is the only political entity capable of co-ordinating with the Free Syrian Army, and that the foreign Islamist factions in Syria, therefore, have no relation with either the opposition or the Free Syrian Army.

Taken from “Geneva’s endless peace process plays into Bashar al-Assad’s hands” – Sunday 26 January 2014

Whether Rime Allaf is singing Qatar’s praises, calling for US bombing campaigns or whitewashing the alliance between the Free Syrian Army and the “Islamist factions in Syria” – one thing is clear. This is neither in-depth analysis or any form of serious journalism. These are seemingly biased, opinionated articles which could easily be classed as propaganda by some.

Here is another quote taken from “Give Syria peace, not a process” – Sunday 27 October 2013

A group of foreign ministers declared last week that Bashar al-Assad“would not have a role in Syria” when a transitional governing body was established to move the country forward. For all the media excitement over the announcement, this Friends of Syria grouping merely reiterated a basic condition of the Syrian National Coalition, the main political opposition group, recognised by more than 100 countries as “the legitimate representative of the Syrian people”.

According to Wikipedia the fact about 100+ countries recognizing the SNC seems massively incorrect. Wikipedia states;

Prior to joining the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, the Syrian National Council had been recognised as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people by several UN member states.

If the writer actually means the “National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces” – Wikipedia only lists 20 countries as giving this organisation “diplomatic recognition”. This statement appears to be an inaccuracy and is not an isolated case with regards to her articles.

UPDATE – 30/01/14 –

It has been brought to my attention that Rime Allaf was “an Associate Fellow at Chatham House from 2004 to 2012” (according to her LinkedIn account). Chatham House has long been linked with Neoconservative think thanks. Make of that what you will.


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