The fox, the Guardian & the chicken coop

Having the current Turkish minister for foreign affairs discuss the unfolding crisis in the Middle East is like asking Rolf Harris to elaborate on what he thought went wrong with regards to child abuse at the BBC in the 1970’s.

So the Guardian give these people a platform to spout their finely tuned propaganda – but it’d be nice if they made it completely clear WHO they were and WHY they were allowed to have such a prominent platform.

The article I refer to is HERE

His title of ‘Turkish Foreign Minister’ is stated at the top of the article in small print and is seemingly missed by many of the commentators.

More importantly – why has he been given such a prominent position on the Guardian website? Has money changed hands? Were there any conditions? Will the Guardian gift the Syrian foreign minister the same kind of platform?

Next up to bat is none other than the Prime Minister of Qatar himself. He’s also been given a tasty prime time slot on the Guardian website in an attempt to convince its readers that Qatar “aint on that terrorism thang yo” (sic)

To counter the claims of this Qatari spokesperson I recommend the following articles;

America’s Allies Are Funding ISIS (The Daily Beast)

Meet the Frankenstein monster of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Or as we know them, Isis (The Independent)

Qatar and Saudi Arabia ‘have ignited time bomb by funding global spread of radical Islam’ (The Telegraph)


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