And the beat goes on….

This blog isn’t designed to pick sides in any conflict. I have no idea how involved Russian forces are in Eastern Ukraine. There’s no real way for me as an individual to find out exactly what’s going on. What this blog can do is highlight the ongoing themes & narratives throughout The Guardian’s coverage.

I’ve gone into detail about The Guardian’s anti Russian bias via the following blog posts;

Proxy Propaganda (June 2013) 

Prejudiced analysis (September 2013)

“UK establishment’s preferred attack dog on the former Soviet” (January 2014)

Ukraine: A New Front (February 2014)

Now in January 2015 we have the following Editorial;

The Guardian View of war in Ukraine: maintain the pressure on Russia

As I previously stated – I cannot pretend to know exactly what’s going on in Ukraine and I’m sure as many people support sanctions as they do oppose them. But it’s only when we place this editorial next to all of the other articles and opinion pieces written over the last few years that we can easily illustrate how The Guardian has maintained a specific stance against a country and its government.

I will however go into detail about one specific point. The above editorial opens with the following paragraph;

“Donetsk airport, its runways cratered by shelling, its buildings battered and its control tower decapitated, is a modern ruin that has long ceased to function. To lose lives over it seems senseless. Yet such is its symbolism for both sides that the fighting between Ukrainian forces and separatists there goes on unabated, with the Ukrainians now claiming to have recaptured ground they had earlier lost. Meanwhile, diplomacy has all but stalled. As the shells and missiles flew on Monday in eastern Ukraine, Europe’s foreign ministers, meeting in Brussels, determined that there were no grounds for any relaxation of sanctions”

It’s interesting to note how the Guardian supported American/UK backed separatists and rebels in Syria when they directly opposed Russian interests – but now The Guardian supports an American/UK backed Government in its battle against separatists and rebels who fight for Russian interests.


One comment on “And the beat goes on….

  1. BlackCatte says:

    A new blog for those concerned by where the Guardian editorial policy is going – on the Ukraine issue and much else:

    Please follow and spread the word.

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