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I hadn’t posted on this blog for quite some time. Having temporarily taken a step back from following the 24 hour news cycle, I felt a little bit more relaxed in my day to day life – but hey ho – here I am again. I just had to leave a quick post as I noticed the Guardian were still at it.

The article in questions is;

Defeating Isis in Syria is essential to prevent catastrophe

The author basically blames the rise and continuation of ISIS in Syria squarely on Assad – which seems completely ridiculous. We all know Assad is a brutal dictator with a lot of enemies but to paint such a simple picture is deceitful.

Open the article yourself and search for the words ‘Qatar’ and ‘Saudi’. Not one result. This one sided analysis tells you all you need to know about its motivation.

One of the readers also leaves a comment which sums up the situation;

” A quick google search reveals who the author Frederic C Hof actually is and it’s staggering the guardian have given him a platform.

Served with the state department during Bush’s presidency and was a co-founder Armitage International Associates with Republican Political Richard Armitage who was Bush’s deputy Secretary of State and who had been lobbying the US president’s office to invade Iraqi since 1998 and who had threatened to bomb Pakistan back to the stone age.

Have a read what Mr Hof’s company gets up to it might give you an idea why he wants rid of Assad: “

The Guardian is still weaponized.

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6 comments on “Still at it

  1. This is a great website, please keep up the excellent work documenting the Guardian’s non-stop propaganda on Ukraine. I just read an article on the Guardian in which they’re claiming Putin has a vast army of internet trollbots. While I’m sure there are some pro-Russia trolls who make posts critical of Guardian Ukraine propaganda articles, more truthfully there are huge numbers of commenters who aren’t KGB sock puppets–they’re everyday people who dislike being lied to about Ukraine and are disagreeing with Guardian propaganda mill. The idea is to smear all commenters who disagree with the guardian “news” articles as “Putinbots” and KGB internet trolls. I mean, if you don’t agree with the Guardian you must either be– a) Brainwashed by watching too much Russia Today news; or b) A “Putinbot KGB sock puppet.

    I have a confession to make: I started reading the Guardian back around 1999. At first I liked it and thought it was progressive. But over the past several years I have become more and more repulsed by it, and cannot bear to read it. The snobbishness of its journalists is quite off putting. Yes, of course the Ukraine coverage has been rubbish from the get-go. Its just so fake and manipulative. Warning: don’t read it first thing in the morning! That’s a great way to put yourself in a foul mood for the day….you have been warned…..

    • protestfolk says:

      One reason the Guardian’s editorial policies may have shifted in recent years is that in late 2013 it apparently was given a $3 million grant by u.s.-based Rockefeller Dynasty’s multi-billion dollar Rockefeller Foundation to subsidize the newspaper. (See following Rockefeller Foundation website link;)

    • SR says:

      I’m in much the same boat. I got onto the Guardian after reading a few issues from my Dutch flatmate. At first I thought it was truth-seeking, impartial and liberal. That’s what I care about, facts, not opinion and dogma.

      But the strong anti-Russian sentiment leading to outright lies and disgusting propaganda being published as “journalism”, I simply cannot stand anymore.

      I’m not saying that Russia are the good guys or that RT or Sputnik are unbiased purveyors of Truth, but the Guardian is certainly guilty of being full of shit regarding Ukraine, Syria and Libya. The biggest humanitarian crises of the current time and the Guardian roots for the instigators and attacks those who simply sought to maintain order. It’s disgusting.

      People like me who smply want the Truth, and call bullshit on Guardian fallacies get ad hom attacks as “commie lovers” or sme such nonsense. Seems the Guardian is still fighting the Cold War and is into victm shaming following the Neoliberal rape of Russia post USSR.

      This website is great. I found it after reading an obnoxious propaganda piece on the Guardian and googling for “why is the guardian anti russian?”

  2. Duncan MacDowall says:

    I second Deschutes Maple’s sentiments. This is an authentic and important site so please keep it going no matter how unrewarding it may appear to be.

    Some of us value impartiality and honesty in response to the Tsunami of doctored misinformation propagated by the mass media, and your tenacity in highlighting and exposing it is admirable.

    Well done and all the best

  3. Annonimous says:

    Harold John Timperley

    Nanking telegram Harold John Timperley

    The West Australian, December 1954

  4. paper doll says:

    Funny because their actual problem with Assad is he fights SISI. They want a failed state like Libya and he’s holding up the show. They should have been in southern Russia by now they feel, but for Assad and Russian jets .

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