In Conclusion

In conclusion;

This blog documented media bias and war propaganda on the Guardian website from January 2013 to August 2015.

I believe some writers displayed their own genuine opinions that were perhaps at odds with my own ideas.
I believe some writers probably worked for or with think tanks which influenced their writing.
I believe some writers were directly paid by intelligence agencies or think tanks to propagate untruths and steer public opinion.

I don’t plan on writing anymore blog posts on this site but I’m glad it was created and can now act as a reference point for future debate and investigation.




One comment on “In Conclusion

  1. Alexis Papageorge says:

    The Guardian is a mouth piece for who? Who knows?! But everything out of that stinking orifice is ideology wrapped up in moral outrage and innuendo. Nothing is heartfelt, every single tear a crocodile’s. They present liberal P.C. shit whilst at the same time driving up the fear quotient among the readership regarding “terrorists”, “terrorism” and generally the current “enemy of the state”; Muslim, Russian, Venezuelan or anybody not endorsed by Nato (US) bigotry. Fuck them! They are pure propaganda to assuage liberal minded people from actually doing anything. Fuck them!

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