And the beat goes on….

This blog isn’t designed to pick sides in any conflict. I have no idea how involved Russian forces are in Eastern Ukraine. There’s no real way for me as an individual to find out exactly what’s going on. What this blog can do is highlight the ongoing themes & narratives throughout The Guardian’s coverage.

I’ve gone into detail about The Guardian’s anti Russian bias via the following blog posts;

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Now in January 2015 we have the following Editorial;

The Guardian View of war in Ukraine: maintain the pressure on Russia

As I previously stated – I cannot pretend to know exactly what’s going on in Ukraine and I’m sure as many people support sanctions as they do oppose them. But it’s only when we place this editorial next to all of the other articles and opinion pieces written over the last few years that we can easily illustrate how The Guardian has maintained a specific stance against a country and its government.

I will however go into detail about one specific point. The above editorial opens with the following paragraph;

“Donetsk airport, its runways cratered by shelling, its buildings battered and its control tower decapitated, is a modern ruin that has long ceased to function. To lose lives over it seems senseless. Yet such is its symbolism for both sides that the fighting between Ukrainian forces and separatists there goes on unabated, with the Ukrainians now claiming to have recaptured ground they had earlier lost. Meanwhile, diplomacy has all but stalled. As the shells and missiles flew on Monday in eastern Ukraine, Europe’s foreign ministers, meeting in Brussels, determined that there were no grounds for any relaxation of sanctions”

It’s interesting to note how the Guardian supported American/UK backed separatists and rebels in Syria when they directly opposed Russian interests – but now The Guardian supports an American/UK backed Government in its battle against separatists and rebels who fight for Russian interests.


Ukraine: A New Front

Over the past few weeks it’s understandable that the media (Guardian included) has taken a keen interest in the turmoil taking place in Ukraine. For all of the articles, opinion pieces and readers comments that discuss this ongoing & fluid situation – I feel that the following comment (posted by RadioPartizan on 26/02/14) sums up what many have noticed with regards to The Guardian’s overall reporting on the subject. The comment was left in response to the following article: Russia puts military on high alert as Crimea protests leave one man dead

Not too much hope of a ‘unity’ government seeing as the people in power in Kiev and western Ukraine has a distinctive nationalist agenda – one of their first acts was to ban Russian as an official language. Such acts are bound to increase the fears of ethnic Russians – many of whom see themselves as Ukrainian first and foremost.
Also I wonder if the guardian are aware that the red and black flag in the photo is that of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army? They were Ukrainian Fascists who at one point fought alongside the Germans in WW2 and were were heavily involved with war crimes against poles and jews. The symbol has been adopted by the right sector ultra nationalists – who seem to have a lot of influence over the interim government.
There are also a lot of reports – and some fairly convincing footage – of former government personal and offices being targeted by ultra-nationalists. There are also a lot of pictures of war memorials being pulled down and daubed in Swastikas and other nazi graffiti.
It seems that the Ultra nationalist militias have taken over security in Kiev and other parts of western Ukraine. Now some of this may well be exaggerated Kremlin inspired propaganda – but the air brushing of the far right out of this situation by the media has been astonishing – so its difficult to know what to believe.
Seeing as the Fascist Svoboda are being blandly described in this piece as ‘nationalist’ ( and have previously been described as ‘moderate’ in other articles in this paper) I really don’t trust the guardian (or any of the western media) any more than Russia Today.
Some links –
This is from Oblast in western Ukriaine and – as far as I understand it – features an Ukrainian ultra nationalist telling the administration there to stand down – at gunpoint.
This is from russia today – pics of war monuments lenin statues being pulled down and daubed with Nazi graffiti.

I have seen no attempt by the likes of the guardian to properly investigate and report the disturbing role of the far right in these events. It is certainly significant and it is certainly being airbrushed out of the news we are seeing – and it is also certainly being used by the Russians for their purposes.
So how about some proper balanced reporting for the first time in this whole sorry mess?
Or are we only going to find about this when the country descends in a Yugoslavia type cluster fuck with each factions nationalist militias marching around ethnically cleansing each other?